DTF startup returns a 4038 abend in CICS after upgrading to Gen 8.6
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DTF startup returns a 4038 abend in CICS after upgrading to Gen 8.6


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Gen Gen - Host Encyclopedia


After upgrading to Gen 8.6 and attempting to start the DTF program, receives a 4038 Abend. The DTF works under the Gen 8.5 release.  


Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Host Encyclopedia


Two new Gen Runtime DLLs were introduced in Gen 8.6 - TIRCINTG and TIRCSSTR. These DLLs must be deployed to CICS and IMS targets and/or made available to TSO and Batch applications.

For CICS, the JCL in the new CEHBSAMP(NDEFCICS) member can be used to create the RDO definitions for the 2 DLLs only.  The JCL library member CEHBSKLO(DEFCICS) has been updated to add the 2 new DLLs to the existing definitions.

Reference the 'Release Notes New Features' documentation for details:


Also reference the 'Install in The Test Environment' documentation for additional information: