Intelligent Updater is not supported on RHEL9
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Intelligent Updater is not supported on RHEL9


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When running the Intelligent Updater script on RHEL9, a message appears on the console indicating that the "uncompress" exectuable is not present on the system. 


This issue is known to occur on RHEL9 systems.  Earlier versions of RHEL have repositories that contain the ncompress package that can be installed.


The Intelligent Updater script has been written to rely on the presence of specific Linux tools and executables. The uncompress tool is used to extract definition data that gets installed on the Agent system.  If it is not present, then the script cannot install definitions correctly.


This uncompress executable is part of the ncompress package.  This package was marked as deprecated in RHEL8 but has been dropped by RedHat in RHEL9 – meaning there is no officially supported package in the RHEL9 repository that can be installed.  To run the Intelligent Updater script, until an updated script can be provided which no longer relies on uncompress, you must install a version of uncompress that does not come from RedHat.

Additional Information

There is a second message that might also appear indicating that the "uudecode" executable is not present on the system.  This tool is part of the sharutils package, which might not be installed by default, depending on the installation settings chosen.  You can install this optional package on the system using the standard RHEL9 repository command (yum install sharutils).