Invalid Database problem at APM 10.8 installation
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Invalid Database problem at APM 10.8 installation


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


The following error is occurring in an APM 10.8 installation.

… after entering following settings:

If the Database Name is changed to any other name, then the same error occurs with the other name. It’s a Windows 2019 environment, where PostgreSQL 13.7 is installed. The wilydb is not existing yet.

The admin user meanwhile has been created using Postgres, but this has not changed the error behavior.

The following errors can be found in the log files:

postgresql log: 
FATAL:  Datenbank "wilydb" existiert nicht (Database “wilydb” not existing)
FATAL:  Passwort-Aurthentifizierung für Benutzer “<user>” fehlgeschlagen (Password authentication for user “<user>” failed)

DB is not available. Next attempt to retry to connect in 15 seconds.




Release : 10.8

Component :


1. Install Postgres and enter the master Postgres user and password.

2. Then install 10.8 and when you get up to the database, you will be prompted for the Postgres master password (which you entered in step 1).  Click Next.

3. On the next screen, it will ask you to enter another DB name and credentials.  Here what you enter, the DB will be created.  It will prompt you that the DB and user do not exist but that you need to continue anyway in order to have the DB created.

After that installation should be successful and then you can start Introscope.