Getting a "Model write error" when changing a user password in OneClick
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Getting a "Model write error" when changing a user password in OneClick


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CA Spectrum


While changing the password on the default "spectrum" user on One Click two problems were detected

1) The user doesn't appear in the Users tab in OneClick

2) The user is returned using a custom search in the Locater tab, but when the password is changed next error message appears

"spectrum: The web server admin does not have permission to write this model.
Most likely, the web admin user is not modeled in all landscapes in which this model exists."


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum OneClick


As mentioned in the error message the user used to change the password might not be modeled in all landscapes in which the model for which the password needs to be modified exist.



Using a custom search like the described on next knowledge document, it is possible to list the users on all landscapes. 

How to export a list of Spectrum users from the Spectrum database

When you launch the search, make sure to select all landscapes, and see if the super user used to make the changes is listed in all the landscapes (Landscape column)

Also be aware that from 21.2.4, there were security changes to the product

Since Upgrading Spectrum to NetOps 21.2.4, User Role capability has changed

Finally, if you recently removed a landscape, make sure it is not listed when running: $SPECROOT/SS-Tools/MapUpdate -v

Refers to next knowledge documents for details:

How to remove a landscape after it has been removed from the Spectrum environment.

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