10.8 Collector connection to APM DB problem
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10.8 Collector connection to APM DB problem


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


 I cannot get a connection between MOM and collector. It seems that the collector cannot get a connection to APM database located at MOM system. 


Release : 10.8

Component : Introscope


User issued a netstat -an and checked that port 5001 was set to listening on both MOM and Collector.

Then user issued a telnet command from the MOM to Collector and Collector to MOM. 

The result on both was that the connect failed (as per below error).  This is an indication that the two servers cannot communicate to each other.


What should have happened during the telnet command, it should have opened a connection to the other server, but it did not.  So something environmental on both servers are not allowing connection to each other.  

Port 5001 is open and listening on both servers which is good, so need to narrow down on the Operating System side what is blocking connectivity to both servers.

Possibilities could be:

1. Windows firewall is blocking communication.

2. Using a proxy server could do this as well.

3. An antivirus or antispyware or antimalware program could also be blocking.


So this is no longer on the APM side.  This is the Windows Operating System that is blocking communication between the MOM and Collector.


In this situation, the root cause has been found. It was an IP address conflict in the Hyper-V environment.