JasperStudio 7.9 Performance Tuning
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JasperStudio 7.9 Performance Tuning


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The performance of JasperSoft Studio depends a lot on the system parameters where it is installed.

Are there any performance tuning recommendations for the JasperSoft Studio application?


JasperSoft Studio 7.9 

All Supported Windows Operating Systems


1.  JasperSoft Studio needs a 64-bit processor and at least 500 MB of Hard Disk space. The amount of RAM needed is dependent upon report complexity. A value of 1 GB dedicated to JasperSoft Studio is recommended although 2 GB is suggested.

2. Increase/adjust the java setting in the JasperSoft Studio Professional.ini (located in the JasperSoft Studio install directory) configuration file to make better use of system memory:


3.  In some cases, you may want to clean up any cached data. You can do this via the command line on a as needed basis

a.  Right-click on the desktop shortcut for JasperSoft Studio and select Properties

b.  On the Shortcut tab, append -clean to the Target field. For example "<jss-install>\Jaspersoft Studio Professional" -clean

c.  Click OK

d.  Double-click the shortcut to run JasperSoft Studio 

e.  Once you have cleaned the application cache, edit the shortcut again to remove the -clean flag to avoid slowing down JasperSoft Studio application startup