Debugging CA API Gateway Startup issues - Node Status = WONT_START
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Debugging CA API Gateway Startup issues - Node Status = WONT_START


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CA API Gateway


When login ssgconfig => 2) Display Layer7 API Gateway configuration menu
                           => 7) Manage Layer7 API Gateway status
                           => Node Status = WONT_START

CA API Gateway Fails to start. How do we determine why? What do we collect for support.




Sometimes it is helpful to have 2 shells (ssh sessions) 1 to start up the other to review.

1) Does the gateway write to the logs?

IF Yes collect logs for support or review. Common faults if Gateway is writing to logs,

a) No db connection (review configuration and mysql to ensure they are started)

b) Bad Padding failure (was this database moved? as this is usually a failure of the cluster_passphrase not in sycn with the gateway)

c) DB Requires upgrade or is not correct version (was this upgraded if yes the ssg menu to upgrade the database is required if not the db may be gone bad replication process).

2) If log is not written to validate permissions/ownership of files
If files have correct ownership/permissions and ssg_0_0.log is not being written to.

IF config files have correct permissions this may be a setup issue in the OR bad file system permissions manually starting the gateway should help identify.

Start gateway via
# su gateway
# cd /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/runtime/bin
# ./ run

Collect console output for support or correct failures at startup shown in the console.