Block Download and Upload from WhatsApp web
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Block Download and Upload from WhatsApp web


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Customer wants to Block Download and Upload from WhatsApp web.



In order to validate if the Cloud SWG application features contains the necessary Actions to block WhatsApp Download or Upload you can check the following:

  • Login to the portal
  • Go to Policy > Content Filtering > Create a new rule
  • In the Content and Limits section, you will see Actions.  The next page shows a Filter.  Look for your application in the filter.  If your application doesn't show up in the filter, then there aren't any controls for it.

If the application isn't there (from the default CASB application and action mappings), then you cannot control it via Cloud SWG, however it is possible to create some custom Gatelet to handle the application actions from Broadcom CASB product directly.