Start ops with another SSM table?
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Start ops with another SSM table?


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I would like to start OPS/MVS with an alternate SSM table.  For example, I want only a small set of tasks started not all the system tasks. 

How would I do this?


Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


If you are using SSMV3 you can create different policies that can be invoked at OPS startup. Please, visit the OPSVIEW panel 4.1.11 and check the "Version" field or the OPSVIEW panel 4.1.1 and check the value of the SSMVERSION parameter. They both will give the same information.
Information regarding SSMV3 and Policy Manager can be found in the link below:

Setting System State Manager (SSM) Resource Policy

If you are still using SSMV2 the best approach is to include an additional column in the resource table and use this column instead of the usual IPL_STATE. For example, column name can be DR_IPL_STATE. Having this column in the table you can add code to the SSMBEGUX exit to use DR_IPL_STATE instead of IPL_STATE when you want to only activate a small set of tasks. To know if the OPS startup is "special" you can use the main product parameter string (MAINPRM) when starting OPS. See the reference below:

Main Product Parameter String

A 3rd option can be to have an alternate SYSCHK1 dataset. This dataset contains the RDF tables so you can have different resource tables if you invoke a OPSSPAxx member that allocates another SYSCHK1 dataset.

The best option would be using SSMV3 and create a different policy.