Univiewer Console freeze
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Univiewer Console freeze


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Univiewer Console freeze without a reason. Users who are already logged in can not do anything (no answer from UVC) and users who want to log in can't do it.

To re-establish the service, we must reboot server.


Release : 6.x and 7.x

Component : Univiewer WebConsole


Tomcat ran out of memory.


For Windows, go to the Apache Tomcat bin folder and run temcat8w.exe or tomcat9w.exe as administrator.

Then check for the Maximum memory pool value.

If it is too low then increase the Maximum memory pool to 4096MB or 7168MB to resolve the issue.

If you are on Unix or do not use the gui for starting/stopping  Tomcat, follow these instructions to add the necessary memory variables into the setenv configuration file.


Add additional memory to the host server and increase the amount of memory that Apache is allowed to consume