Start Custom Masking API Javelin Issue
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Start Custom Masking API Javelin Issue


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are trying to run the startCustom Masking job using javelin and getting an error after converting the required parameters to base64. When the masking CSV is smaller the masking works but when we add more tables to the csv, javelin throws an error. 



TDM Portal 4.10.43


Release : 4.10

Component : Javelin


This is 3rd party issue - in particular it's caused by VB limitation for the length of the source lines which is 65535 characters. However there is a workaround for them - they need to modify the "FullRequestPayload" variable and split it to several lines (giving the length they'll need to split it to at least 3 lines). The longest is the content of customConfigFile so I suggest to split this content into three variables and concatenate them with & operand. Something similar to the following (please note that there could be some syntax errors, it's just an example to get the idea):


customConfigFile1 = "first part of customConfigFile content"

customConfigFile2 = "second part of customConfigFile content"

customConfigFile3 = "third part of customConfigFile content"

FullRequestPayload = "{""customConfigFile"":""" & customConfigFile1 & customConfigFile2 & customConfigFile3 & """ ... the rest of the original content ..."


Additional Information

 DE543638 - Start Custom Masking API Javelin Issue