Undocumented OPS Error Messages such as OPX8510E
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Undocumented OPS Error Messages such as OPX8510E


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation



Release : 14.0

Component : OPS/MVS


Since a subsystem name other than the default OPSS was used, the S in the message was replaced with the subsystem identifier.   In the example above it was with X to show that it occurred on OPSX as evidenced in the message, OPX8500I Global variable backup for subsystem OPSX has started.   

For more information on the messaging formats used by OPS/MVS Performance Manager, review the section of documentation titled "Understanding CA OPS/MVS Messages".   (NOTE, in a future release the CA may be removed from the section title).

For R14.0:  https://techdocs.broadcom.com/us/en/ca-mainframe-software/automation/ca-ops-mvs-event-management-and-automation/14-0/using/using-ca-ops-mvs/understanding-ca-ops-mvs-messages/message-format.html 


Please Note: For the particular  error message the customer saw above, there was an incorrect GLOBALBACKUP parameter specified.