MRGVRED message in TPX log
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MRGVRED message in TPX log


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TPX - Session Management


What does the following MRGVRED message mean?

MRGVRED  08/22/22.234 11:46:28.80 USER RECORD idxxxxx  LOCKED; LAST ACCESS 18/08/22 NOT UPDATED


The MRGVRED message means that, at the time that user was signing on to TPX and TPX attempted to write out the ADMIN2 record for this saved dynamic user, someone had that user's record open in TPXADMIN and therefore, the record was 'locked' and could not be updated. It seems from the message that SOMEONE was either reviewing this record, or modifying it and did not close the record properly.

It might be a good idea to find out how many people have Administrator authority, and determine if the number of people who do  that authority is actually needed. 

In case MRGVRED  message is still present on the log, one way to find out who all might have the record locked is:
to display the application, TPXADMIN, in TPXOPER (this should show who all currently has a session).  
You can also try:
quiescing TPXADMIN to not allow new users on while trying to get the others off. 
- Another possibility is that the USER is NOT a MULT USER, is still signed on to one TPX session, and tried to open a 2nd TPX session. (only a MULT USER can have multiple, concurrent TPX sessions) 

Multiple users are on one VSAM record, so this can occur for the same or different userids.  

There is no potential problem here other than the user not being able to administer themselves.

In case you want to cancel the userid, use TPXOPER cancel command ‘C U=userid’.
If this does not work, a TPX recycle will be needed.

Additionally, to remedy this, if MRGVRED is observed in the current LOG, ALL TPX databases (ADMIN1 ADMIN2 NOTES MAIL VIEW) should be REORGed.
Please review the following 2 articles on recommended procedure to REORG VSAM databases:
Recommended procedure to REORG TPX VSAM ADMIN1/ADMIN2 databases
Recommended procedure to REORG TPX MAIL /NOTES /VIEW VSAM databases

VSAM updates are CI based and a CI can hold several user records. 
TPX is a victim here and has no control over how VSAM manages CI updates.

There is nothing that can be done to avoid this from a TPX perspective. TPX LOG simply transposes this message in the LOG for attention.