How to configure iXP to work with Autosys database hosted on Microsoft sql server failover clusters
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How to configure iXP to work with Autosys database hosted on Microsoft sql server failover clusters


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Autosys server's database is hosted on Microsoft sql server failover clusters. Which is working fine. However, The iXP fails to establish connection along with the SQL server database failover.



Release : 11.4 and later

Component : CA Workload Automation iXP


This is due to the jTDS connection library. It is a generic library supplied to establish a connection with the SQL server database.

It might not support all the featured-failover configurations in the database 


Microsoft has the SQL server JDBC driver (sqljdbc) that supports all the database failover features.

The sqljdbc driver can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft portal. If needed help, contact the SQL server database administrator to have it downloaded.

Ensure the driver is for the current database release and is compatible with the Jre 8. 

Stop Tomcat for the iXP.

Place the downloaded sqljdbc*jre8.jar file under "lib" directory of the tomcat install location.

Restart iXp.

Login to iXpAdmin console and navigate to Instance and database section.

Select the database Vendor from the drop down: "SQL server"

JDBC Driver: Place the cursor and append it to be: ""

(The aforementioned driver class is not part of the drop down list. However, can be edited)

URL: Compose the URL as required to support all the failover features configured on the database. For example, if the database configured with Always on availability groups (AGs) or failover cluster instances(FCIs), the multiSubnetFailover needs to be enabled.

jdbc:sqlserver://”database server”:”port number”;databasename=”DBname”;MultiSubnetFailover=true;TrustServerCertificate=True

Update the db connection user/password and other necessary details.

Save and restart the iXp and run the DB failover test.

The iXp would resume processing the user requests as soon as both the DB and Autosys are available.

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