LDAP authorization/authentication request called many times for the ROC actions
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LDAP authorization/authentication request called many times for the ROC actions


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CA Release Automation - Release Operations Center (Nolio)


We observed that while using Release Operation Center (ROC) actions, there are multiple authorization and authentication request internally made by Release Automation (RA) visible in the logs.

We want to know is Authentication information not cached to the NAC server and that cache is accessed in most cases without going to external LDAP server for user authentication.


Release : 6.7



  • LDAP authentication/authorization requested many times for the ROC actions

In certain case when a complex job is submitted like run release, the RA will internally had to make numerous call as a part of executions. For example getting Applications id, parameters etc., which result in multiple API calls and related authentication and authorization request to LDAP in case the user who initiated those actions is a LDAP user.

  • LDAP Authentication is cached in RA

RA doesn't have a caching mechanism currently as part of Product Design. This design decision is made considering the security concern like Cache outdated in contrast to permission granted to user.

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Next Step

In resonation with the scenario and considering an opportunity of improving Product Design, may result in performance improvement during execution we would request to submit or vote for an existing Enhancement Request(ER) on CA Release Automation communities, refer document How to create an Enhancement/Idea for Nolio Release Automation

Post submission or Votes on ER there will an engagement from Product Management capturing requirements and to work on solution design and implementation.