Clarity Timesheet Details Location in Data Warehouse
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Clarity Timesheet Details Location in Data Warehouse


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What is the best way to find out what tables are used for certain fields/domains in the data warehouse?

We would like to use PowerBI or some other tool to build reports.


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity Data Warehouse


One way you can find the tables or query needed would be to build an ad-hoc view and then use the option for the View SQL Query   

If this option is grayed out your Jaspersoft Administrator should be able to toggle this feature to enable it.

Once you have the query you can modify it for your needs and perhaps just use the query to build your PowerBI report,



There is the DWH Database Schema located at 

Table information and the data contained for PPM and DWH

which contains the fields and tables but does not show how to join them.