Different MFS source generated from same GEN model
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Different MFS source generated from same GEN model


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Gen - Host Encyclopedia


Generated MFS source using option E (List components), then B (Generate both code and screen).

but another developer generated different MFS source from the same model using the same options (E->B).


What caused the difference in MFS codes? 



Release : 8.6

Component : Gen Host Encyclopedia


It was determined that the use of different Map Generators caused the differences, ENHANCED versus STANDARD.

In this situation, the Encyclopedia default setting for the Map generator can be specified in the TIRHE PARMLIB member by setting the TIMAPSEL variable (1=Standard Map generator, 2=Enhanced Map generator).

Also individual users can override the Encyclopedia's default setting by setting the screen generator options using the "8. Screen generator options" option on the TICMENU@ panel. After setting the TIRHE PARMLIB member to STANDARD, the problem was resolved.