Identity Governance: insert HTML tags in email templates
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Identity Governance: insert HTML tags in email templates


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CA Identity Suite


How to send customized emails from Identity Governance that contain HTML tags?

You would like to insert a link to an external document within such emails but, unfortunately, the HTML tags inserted in the email templated are not interpreted, but rather shown as plain text.



To add a clickable link to the e-mail template in Identity Governance:

Add lowercase HTML tags like those shown below that will contain the whole body of your e-mail:

${reviewerDisplayName} Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 
Curabitur euismod ut odio pulvinar rutrum. Aliquam eu gravida nulla. Pellentesque nec scelerisque turpis, ut pretium mauris. 
Duis at sapien tellus. Sed sed lorem ac enim facilisis fermentum. Vestibulum convallis, tellus quis vehicula dictum, 
eros nunc semper nibh, vel consequat neque augue pellentesque libero. Fusce at arcu est. ${inboxLink}