HTTP2 sites access(chrome browser only) fails with SGOS 7.x
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HTTP2 sites access(chrome browser only) fails with SGOS 7.x


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


HTTP2 sites access using Chrome browser fails with Edge SWG. User will see either "Access Denied" or captchas will be triggered from OCS. This issue is observed by websites hosted on Cloudflare.


SGOS is reordering the HTTP/2 pseudo header. Some of the websites are triggering some extra security checks.


This issue will be addressed in future SGOS release. Please use one of the following workaround:

  • Disable Protocol Detection for the specific website : Create a CPL layer and use the code:

                                 <proxy>  url.domain="" detect_protocol(none)

         This workaround will disable the SSL interception and policies will not apply.

  • Disable the HTTP/2 on the Proxy for a particular website:

                                 <proxy> http2.client.accept(no) http2.server.request(no)

         This workaround will selectively disable HTTP/2 on the proxy for just the specific site. This will downgrade the browser connections to HTTP/1.1 . However, you can still do the SSL interception and policy evaluation.

  • Disable HTTP/2 protocol in chrome browser:

         Please follow the article:


Note: This issue is fixed in SGOS 7.3.10.