Tape IOGEN AUTOSWITCH setting with MIA
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Tape IOGEN AUTOSWITCH setting with MIA


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MIM Tape Sharing (MIA)


I noticed a little difference in tape ucbs IOGEN from one site to another –

Site 1. DEVICE (F000-F0FF)

Site 2.DEVICE (F000-F0FF)


What is the recommended setting for tape ucb AUTOSWITCH setting for MIA?

Is it ok to have AUTOSWITCH=YES for MIA?


Release : 12.5

Component : MIA


MIM cannot be configured to utilize AUTOSWITCH.

During startup, MIA examines the IOGEN attributes of all managed tape devices and if it detects AUTOSWITCH=YES it changes it to no and produces MIM2154W MVS AUTOSWITCHING TURNED OFF FOR DEVICE dddd

warning messages.

If MIA is unable to change the AUTOSWITCH to NO for whatever reason, it can cause the task to fail during initalization with 
MIM2153E - Cannot manage autoswitchable device aaa

Changing the IOGEN to AUTOSWITCH=NO for all MIA managed devices will prevent potential problems.

Additional Information

The MIM Programming Guide contains additional information in the section on Configure Tape Devices Offline until MIA Synchronization.

It explains why the IOGEN/HCD definition should be set to OFFLINE YES for MIA managed devices.