Registering our observer application with the API for webhooks - AppNeta
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Registering our observer application with the API for webhooks - AppNeta


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How do I setup Observer to send a webhook?


We need to register our application with APM so it can start receiving event messages from our environment:

1. Login to AppNeta Performance Manager at

2. Hover over the gear icon and click the API link (in the General section near the bottom of the menu)

3. Expand the observer section and click on POST /v3/observer

4. Copy and paste the model JSON into the body section under Parameters. Update the JSON string to include your WebHook URL from earlier. Select the type of APM events you wish to receive by changing the parameter value from false to true.

  • testEvents: Notify when a diagnostic test completes or otherwise halts
  • seqEvents: Notify when connectivity to an appliance or software sequencer is lost or reestablished
  • sqaEvents: Notify when a service quality condition is violated or cleared
  • blacklisted: If the target URL has been blacklisted due to some problem

Make sure the endpoint includes the port, if other than port 80, and that any firewall rules are in place allowing inbound traffic from your organization’s APM server - see your URL once you’ve logged into APM for the source server.

5. Click the Try it out! button. If everything worked, you should see a 200 response code letting you know it was successful.

The final result:

If all goes well, you should start receiving APM events being sent to your target URL.