Importing DMG file into Altiris does not show the tree
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Importing DMG file into Altiris does not show the tree


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Customer was used to acquiring the Mac .pkg file and dropping it on a Mac, and then using Disk Utility to capture a DMG file and then import the DMG file into the Software Releases on the SMP.  This process stopped working and so we did some testing.  The packages we were testing with were Adobe.

We had quite a few problems with the DMG file, and we are not sure that Apple hasn't changed something.  You can open up a DMG file with 7-zip, and you should see the folders inside of it, and one of them will be .app.


Instead of seeing this (example package)

We saw this:

Not sure if this was a corrupted DMG file but we could tell it would not work.


Adobe releases .pkg files.  They look like folders on a Windows system, but they are a single file on a Mac. 

Import the .zip file into the Software Resource screen.  When asked if you want to extract the Zip file:

Choose NO.  The process then runs to Import the .zip file.  When it's done, check the box to add Command Lines (very important so there is less work to do later) and also drill inside the .zip file and choose the .app file for installation.