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Query Timesheets


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In the Modern Timesheets, when a user scrolls the 'My Timesheet' time period carousel, timesheet ids will automatically be created by design.
Is there a way to find out more about which timesheets were recently created?



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The following queries can be used to find out

--Recently created timesheets
select srm_resources.id, srm_resources.unique_name, srm_resources.first_name, srm_resources.last_name,
prtimesheet.pruid, prtimesheet.prid, prtimeperiod.prstart, prtimeperiod.prfinish, prtimesheet.prstatus,
prtimesheet.prversion, prtimesheet.prmodtime
from prtimesheet, srm_resources, prtimeperiod
where prtimesheet.prresourceid = srm_resources.id 
and prtimeperiod.prid = prtimesheet.prtimeperiodid
and prtimesheet.prstatus = 0
and prtimesheet.prversion = 1
order by prtimesheet.prmodtime desc

Additional Information

Refer to following article to find out details of the timesheet, refer to: Query Timesheets