Process does not auto start when the start condition is Project Budget Cost
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Process does not auto start when the start condition is Project Budget Cost


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


Processes are not auto starting for Project Budget cost

1. Login to a 16.0.2 machine 
2. Navigate to Administration - Processes and New
3. Create a new simple process 
    Object: Project
 Start Option: Create and Update
 ( Project Budgeted Cost [Previous Value] != Project Budgeted Cost )

4. The process does not require any further steps to Start and Stop
5. validate the Process
6. Navigate to any projects which are financially enabled
6. Create a Cost Plan and input Planned Cost in the line items as 10,000
7. Submit the Cost Plan for approval
8. Navigate to Budget Plan page and approve the submitted plan
9. The Budget plan status will change to Approved 
10. Navigate to Project financial properties page and the Project Budget Cost will now be seen as 10,000
11. Navigate to the Process tab and check for the initiated processes

Expected: The processes created in Step 3 is initiated because there was a change in the Project Budget Cost
Actual: The process is not initiated


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity Process Management


DE66277 - Fix targeted for 16.1.1

This fix is behind feature toggle, so by default it is off, for these STR to work feature have to be turned on.

select * from cmn_features where code = 'RAISE_EVENTS_ON_PLANDETAIL_UPD_DE66277'.

If ENABLED is 0, it is disabled and should be update to 1.

After changing value flush clarity caches.