How to make a PX Policy not persist; run once
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How to make a PX Policy not persist; run once


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CA Identity Suite


After creating a PolicyXpress policy to update a custom attribute in the Corporate Directory entry of the user, whenever the email attribute changes on the user, the entry rule of the policy is tied to the change of the email address and it fires on event change.

Having that setup, every time the PolicyXpress policy gets executed on any user (second time and beyond), the IDM software always fails this policy's execution throwing the following errors:

Generated By Policy Xpress: Failed to execute ModifyUserEvent. ERROR MESSAGE: PxSystemException:Error adding a rule to user. Rule 4805 on policy 1843 A failure occurred running flow task called "Persist 1843, rule: 4805". Stopping the event

After:ModifyUserEvent - Failed to execute action 'Persist 1843, rule: 4805'. Error category 'System Failure' with response 'Fail Event'.

How to make a policy not persist?  




The failure is due to the policy identifier already existing in the imPolicies attribute of the user (the attribute that shows all the policies already applied to a user).


\Modify Policy Express Policy

Enable the "Run Once" check box.