Missing PTFs when applying fixes via Z/OSMF after CSM Receive
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Missing PTFs when applying fixes via Z/OSMF after CSM Receive


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RC/Migrator for DB2 for z/OS


Over one-hundred ptfs were received using CSM, then using z/OSMF Software Update to install Recommended ptfs only a small subset gets installed.  




Release : 20.0

Component : DB2 Common Components


CSM had not received the CA RS and HIPER ++ASSIGN files into the product's Global zone for association with the selected PTFs being received.  


This condition was corrected by having CSM perform the Upgrade CA RS smp/e process and specify 'Check Only'.  This allowed the Global to be updated with the recommended sourceIDs for the ptfs in question, and a successful apply for all the previously missing PTFs using z/OSMF to Apply recommended Service.  

Additional Information

There are three types of Software Updates via z/OSMF.  The first type is Corrective updates where you specify specific ptfs / Apar names.  The second is Recommended updates based on Vendor supplied SourceIDs (CAR*, HIPER, RSL*,RSU*,SECINT, PRP).  And the third is Functional Updates based on Vendor supplied functional SourceIDs (example: CA-TargetSystem-RequiredService.product.version, etc.).