CAIRIM settings only needed once
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CAIRIM settings only needed once


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When it comes to updating the common services CARIMPRM (the PARMLIB DD statement) used in the CAIRIM program of my CAS9 proc, is it best practice to add the Datacom product initialization statements for each instance of Datacom we have installed? In other words, do I need multiple PRODUCT()...INIT() statements since I have multiple product loadlibs I am using? For example, we have separate CAAXLOAD libraries for CA-11 & CA-7. Or, as long as there is one per version of Datacom, will it work? Despite having multiple CAAXLOAD libraries, we only have/had one instance of the product INIT statement.


Release : All

Component : Datacom/DB

Component : Datacom/AD


The Program Call modules (PC) that we use in Datacom are designed to service all Datacom MUFs running a particular version within a single LPAR. Therefore, even though you might have multiple loadlibs for a particular version, you should have only one set of initialization statements for all MUFs to use. You should use the loadlib that is most likely to have the latest maintenance on, or the most current version of the loadlib, as the value of the LOADLIB() parameter in the CAIRIM PARMLIB entry:

LOADLIB(CAI.THLQ.CAAXLOAD)                        -

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As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.