FDM - DB2 error message of “connection closed”
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FDM - DB2 error message of “connection closed”


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We’re continuing to receive an error message of “connection closed” when we run the masking with parallel option > 1 on  FastDataMasker version We don't see this behavior when masking on the FDM release 4.7.500.16.

This is the error file content:

 2022-05-27 10:05:38.408 pool-1-thread-2 -  Message: [jcc][t4][102][10040][4.25.25] Batch failure.  The batch was submitted, but at least one exception occurred on an individual member of the batch.

Use getNextException() to retrieve the exceptions for specific batched elements. ERRORCODE=-4229, SQLSTATE=null

2022-05-27 10:05:38.410 pool-1-thread-2 -  SQLSTATE: null

2022-05-27 10:05:38.410 pool-1-thread-2 -  Error code: -4229

2022-05-27 10:05:38.423 pool-1-thread-2 -  Message: [jcc][t4][2030][11211][4.25.25] A communication error occurred during operations on the connection's underlying socket, socket input stream,

or socket output stream.  Error location: Reply.fill() - socketInputStream.read (-1).  Message: Connection reset by peer: socket write error. ERRORCODE=-4499, SQLSTATE=08001

2022-05-27 10:05:38.423 pool-1-thread-2 -  SQLSTATE: 08001

2022-05-27 10:05:38.424 pool-1-thread-2 -  Error code: -4499

2022-05-27 10:05:38.429 pool-1-thread-2 -  Message: [jcc][103][10843][4.25.25] Non-recoverable chain-breaking exception occurred during batch processing.  The batch is terminated non-atomically.


Release : 4.10

Component : Fast Data Masker


While running the masking with the PARALLEL option set, the DB2 DBA found that the database is forcing the connection closed due to the Idle Timeout (IDTHOIN) being violated.

TDM Engineering analyzed the connections being made by FDM, and found that the FDM 4.10 release is opening an extra database connection, that the older release of FDM is not opening. Therefore, they removed this extra connection from the code.


This change is made in FastDataMasker-