Juniper SRX cluster and same (duplicate) SNMP engineID
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Juniper SRX cluster and same (duplicate) SNMP engineID


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


One device has problems with availability; the status is changing from down to up every 10 minutes.

The Device1 has the same SNMP EngineID as the Device2 on the same Data Collector.

Device vendor (Juniper) recommends this configuration for monitoring SRX devices in cluster.


Release : all releases

Component : Device Discovery


Performance Manager does not support monitoring of any devices with duplicate engineID's on the same Data Collector.

PM uses a java library that requires strict compliance to unique engineID’s.


If the devices cannot be given unique engineID’s then there are only 2 workarounds:

  • Use SNMP v2c for additional polling in PM
  • Assign each cluster member to a different data collector, as the engineID is only stored at the DC level.

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