Window Not Movable without re-sizing/restoring window down
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Window Not Movable without re-sizing/restoring window down


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


After the upgrade to 9.4.1,  users notice when they originally open Automic (or even after login), if the window is maximized, they are unable to click the top bar and simply move the window around (to another monitor) like they were able to do with their prior version of Automic (9.3.1).

In order to move the window to another monitor, they first have to click the middle button. Chrome refers to that middle button as the "Restore Down" button (while currently Maximized).

Is there a design change between versions? Is there a way to 


Release : 9.4.1

Component : CA Automic Applications Manager


Design Change. As verified with engineering and product teams, this is working as designed and functionality change with 3rd party jframes limitation.


This behavior has changed after introducing themes features in our AM client. In the earlier releases the client window could be controlled by the Operating System, and so like any other window, it was draggable even when maximized.

To support themes we switched to JFrames, to have more control of the main window and color it accordingly.

We introduced themes feature to color the window top bar to make AM client looks same in all the windows.
This is a limitation for now from JFrames side.

This change resulted in the change of design and limitation. There is No functionality loss.

Workaround available as below:

 In order to move the window to another monitor, first click the middle button and then move window around.