ARIA Chatbot displays black screen for second session on new tab
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ARIA Chatbot displays black screen for second session on new tab


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


It is evident that it fails with the bot since if the user has two sessions open in the browser, one of them shows a black screen.  The customer opens two Chatbot sessions in the same browser (Firefox, Chrome, Brave, Edge). One of the sessions goes to a black screen.

Service Desk 17.3 RU8






Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Service Point


The issue is not about openning Service Point from multiple browsers. Customer simply opens the second instance of SP from another tab within the same browser and the second session he opened has black screen.


This is the existing functionality of the product. The server treats two sessions from the different tabs in the same browser as one as your access token is the same and you can notice that another welcome message is displayed in the first tab when you're trying to open the chat in the second tab.
To enhance this functionality, we'd have to enhance the server to treat these sessions as different in different tabs but that'll create more sessions and might have an impact on the bot performance if the session count is high. 

Additional Information

We were able to reproduce the issue in our lab using a similar environment with a 16GB memory in our lab. As per Dev-SE, the specified functionality is working as per the design and any changes to this should be dealt with as an enhancement and would require changes in the design of the server.