Message SYBIMM147S; tasks
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Message SYBIMM147S; tasks


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VM:Backup High-Speed Disaster Recovery Option (HiDRO)


Better understand the meaning of message SYBIMM147S;

I have:

88 tasks done.
16 active tasks.
120 tasks at total.

120-89=31 waiting tasks. Inside these 31 tasks I have the 16 active, right ?
I would say that there is not 31 waiting tasks, rather 15.

Am I understanding correctly?

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 84: RESTORE EE61 to MD-24Z4Y B2A2 à CYL 53385 

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 83: RESTORE EE59 to MD-24Z4Y B8B2 à CYL 56785  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 77: RESTORE EE49 to MD-24Z4Y B491 à CYL 53737  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 67: RESTORE EE41 to MD-24Z4Y B221 à CYL 58260  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 73: RESTORE EE31 to MD-24Z4Y B051 à CYL 48433  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 57: RESTORE EE79 to MD-24Z4Y B451 à CYL 42199  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 95: RESTORE EE01 to MD-24Z4Y B6C2 à CYL 31198  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 66: RESTORE EE20 to MD-24Z4Y B411 à CYL 27354  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 79: RESTORE EE19 to MD-24Z4Y B871 à CYL 48110  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 70: RESTORE EE51 to MD-24Z4Y B661 à CYL 34823  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 58: RESTORE EE75 to MD-24Z4Y B601 à CYL 19770  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 86: RESTORE EE09 to MD-24Z4Y B4E2 à CYL 19038  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 96: RESTORE EE11 to MD-24Z4Y 3712 à CYL 19196  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 91: RESTORE EE69 to MD-24Z4Y 3902 à CYL 20556  

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 107: RESTORE EE1F to MD-24Z4Y 3542 à CYL 7784   

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM111S Task 85: RESTORE EE7B to MD-24Z4Y 3102 à CYL 5941   

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM278S -----------------------------------------------------


VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM576S Job MD-24Z4Y  Owner VMBAT008  Etime 2:18:35         

VMBAT008:                At 89 of 120 commands                               

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM042S No Outstanding Requests                             

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM139S 16 Task(s) ACTIVE                                   

VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM147S 31 Task(s) WAITING                                     


Release : 2.8 

Component : VM:Backup HiDRO


This is what the values from the HIDRO Q Q command output represent:

SYBIMM042S "Outstanding Requests":
  • Outstanding tape mount
  • Outstanding DASD mount
  • etc.
SYBIMM139S "Active Tasks":
  • The total number of tasks currently on the internal ACTIVE queue chain ... 
  • They are running but have not completed yet
  • They may be included in the "Outstanding Requests" count
SYBIMM147S "Waiting Tasks":
  • This is the total number of tasks that have not been started yet.
  • When a task that has never been started is started, this count is decremented by ONE.
SYBIMM576S "Query Job Output":
  • the "of NNN commands" number is the total number of commands read in from the SYSIN file.
  • the "At" number is calculated at the time the command is issued and is NNN - WAITING


ACTIVE commands are not included in WAITING commands because they have been started.

What the active commands are included in is the "At NN" number of the SYBIMM576S message ... so that "At NN" number is the number of tasks that have been started and have completed or are still "ACTIVE".


So, in your example:

<<< snip >>>
VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM576S Job MD-24Z4Y  Owner VMBAT008  Etime 2:18:35          
VMBAT008:                At 89 of 120 commands                               
VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM042S No Outstanding Requests                              
VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM139S 16 Task(s) ACTIVE                                    
VMBAT008:   0 SYBIMM147S 31 Task(s) WAITING 
<<< snip >>>


The numbers were all just the correct combination which may have led to your confusion.