Error: "Battery has failed and cannot support data retention"
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Error: "Battery has failed and cannot support data retention"


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The controller or battery may need to be replaced if the battery re-learn process does not revive the battery.  The battery or the RAID controller will need to be replaced.  Opening the chassis and finding the correct controller may be difficult to do.  

An example battery failure message would look like:

Message: Adapter 2; seqNum: 0x01722f4d; Time: Wed Jun 15 01:32:25 2022; Event Description: Battery has failed and cannot support data retention. Please replace the battery;

Note: "Serial" is the management MAC address and not the serial number of the appliance


Symantec S500 hardware



The battery has died and cannot be revived.


  1. Power down the system from the GUI in Settings -> System -> Power off.
  2. Verify that the cables plugged into the back of the S500 system chassis are labeled.
  3. Unplug all cables from the back of the chassis
  4. Slide the S500 fully forward from the front, exposing the lids on top.
  5. Lift the two blue tabs on each side of the computer chassis top to unlock a small hinged lid.
  6. Open the lid that covers the fans, folding it forward. 
  7. There is a blue tab on the right side that needs to be pulled up to release the large cover. 
  8. Push the large cover back, lift it, and set it aside.
  9. Towards the back center is a cage containing the RAID controller.  Squeeze or lift the two tabs and lift the cage out.
  10. Find the RAID controller with the two SAS ports facing the rear.
  11. Replace the controller with the new battery.  There are two adapters in the riser cage.  Adapter 1 is lower PCI card and adapter 2 is the upper card, when there are two.  Replace the adapter/controller as directed by support.
  12. Reverse the process, guiding the PCI riser cage over the guiding pins.  Replace the large chassis cover and fold the fan covers closed.
  13. Slide the chassis into the rack and reconnect the cables.
  14. Power on the system.

Below is a diagram of the layout of the RAID controllers, ethernet ports, and power supplies.