SYSVIEW U2999-802 when using the ISPF interface
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SYSVIEW U2999-802 when using the ISPF interface


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


U2999-802 abend randomly appears when the TSO interface is used. 



Release : 16.0
Component : SYSVIEW


Two different/unique copies of CSQBSTUB in linklist.


After applying all available maintenance user abend doesn't appear.

Customer system has two different/unique copies of CSQBSTUB in linklist.  SYSVIEW first does a BLDL for CSQBSTUB to get the length of the module.  This gets satisfied from MQM2.IMS.CALLLIB and returns a length of x'308'.  SYSVIEW gets storage for length x'308' and then uses this storage area to do LOADs into several of the alias names of CSQBSTUB, such as CSQBOPEN, CSQBCLOS, etc.  But the LOAD is coming from WAS1.MQ.SCSQLOAD (the only place those alias names exist) where CSQBSTUB has a length of x'508'.  So it just overlayed x'200' bytes of storage.
This overlay is probably still happening when SYSVIEW is accessed from TSO, even if the abend is no longer occurring.  below are options to correct this problem:
  1. Investigate why CSQBSTUB is in MQM2.IMS.CALLLIB to see if maybe it can be removed from this data set.  Since the current system running MQ 9.0.0 and the size of CSQBSTUB in that release is x'508'.  So this appears to be an older version of CSQBSTUB.  And when it was copied into this data set the alias names were not also copied.  

  2. Adding WAS1.MQ.SCSQLOAD to the STEPLIB DD in SYSVIEW and SYSVUSER doesn't help to access SYSVIEW from TSO.  If the above old CSQBSTUB can't be removed, then yourhlq.CNM4BPRM(MQSERIES) parmlib member need to be edited as below. 
                  From:  API-LOAD-LIBRARY  LINKLIST
    NOTE: If option 2 is followed then the definition from STEPLIB DD can be removed.