Staffing Workspace: Bulk Modal does not display all allocations in per-period cells
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Staffing Workspace: Bulk Modal does not display all allocations in per-period cells


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If there are allocation records with specific Allocation Start and/or Allocation Finish dates that fall outside of the Investment Dates, the Staffing Bulk Edit Modal is NOT showing the allocations in the periods outside of the investment dates. Below describes one method in which the staffing records that have manually-entered start and finish dates will get out of sync with the project start and finish dates.

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Create a new project from Template using the 'Application Change Template' 
    • Set the Start Date = Jun 6, 2022 and Finish = Sep 30, 2022 
  2. Add Cheryl Amos as a Staff Member, but DO NOT assign her to any tasks 
    • Set Cheryl's Staff Start = Jun 13, 2022 and Finish = Aug 5, 2022 
  3. Go to Tasks Module, Timeline layout, Actions, Autoschedule 
    • For the Autoschedule, set the new Start Date = July 11, 2022 (after Cheryl's allocation start date) 
    • Publish the Tentative schedule so the project will move forward 
    • After the publication, the Investment Start = Jul 11, 2022 and Finish = Jul 20, 2022 
    • Cheryl's Allocation Start & Finish dates are not changed 
    • All other staff without manual allocation start/finish dates are moved along with the changes in the schedule 
  4. Go to the Staffing Workspace, 'Allocations by Investments' Timeline 
    • Set View Options, Monthly, for the Current Year
  5. Expand the Project you created in Step 1 to see all the allocations on the project
    • You will see Cheryl's allocation bar is outside the project bar because she has manual dates on the allocation record 
  6. Double-click on a period (outside of the investment dates) for Cheryl to open the Modal 
    • The Modal will open and focus on the period selected 

Expected Results: To see all allocations, even if they are outside of the investment dates. 

Actual Results: We do not see the per-period allocations outside of the investment dates, but we do see the total amounts are correct and include these allocations. 


Figure #1: Allocations for Cheryl are outside of the Project's date range.


Figure #2: Double-Click in the Allocations Timeline for the period of 2022-06 to open the Modal.

The cell for 2022-06 and 2022-08 are empty, but the totals are correct; it shows 112 hours for June and 40 hours for August. 



Release 16.0.3 

Component: Staffing Workspace 


DE66208 - The Staff Bulk Edit modal is using the investment dates to determine what is shown in the per-period cells. 


Workaround: Change the Investment Start or Finish Date to cover the earliest or latest staffing dates. This will allow the allocation per-period data to appear on the Staffing Bulk Edit Modal. 


  • Targeted Fix in Release 16.1.0. 
  • Targeted Fix in Release 16.0.3 Patch #1 (