SQL Query is frequently seen in the stdlogs
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SQL Query is frequently seen in the stdlogs


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CA Service Desk Manager


The following log is seen frequently in the customers stdlogs

05/10 12:34:24.22 SERVER sqlagt:select14        15052 SIGNIFICANT  prov_base.c           1010 SQL Query has returned (5000) rows for (domsrvr/superuser). Clause (SELECT call_req.open_date, call_req.ref_num, call_req.template_name, call_req.id FROM call_req WHERE ( call_req.customer = ? AND call_req.active_flag = 1 AND ( call_req.type = ? OR call_req.type = ? ) ) ORDER BY call_req.open_date DESC) Input (<uuid>41059BCF4D8489478D39C88241646EE4|<string>R|<string>I)

We need to figure out what is making this call

The UUID in your stdlog should be different than the above log message


Release : 17.3

Component : SDM - Integration (Broadcom and 3rd Party)


Take the UUID from the log message and find the user in the ca_contact table.

This should tell you what is running the query.