Enabling JDBC Driver logging in Jasper
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Enabling JDBC Driver logging in Jasper


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Occasionally, the need may arise to activate logging on Jasper to help troubleshoot problems that may potentially stem from the JDBC driver


CA Service Desk Manager 17.X and Jasper Server 7.x


Login to the Jasper interface and access Manage -> Server Settings


Under Log Settings, add the line "com.ca.sdm.dal.sql.jdbc.driver.DalJdbcDriver" in the text box at the bottom of the listings, and press enter to add the entry into the logging, then set the drop down box to "DEBUG"

The screen shot below shows the above setting already in place, but also shows the text box where the setting should be added.

Additional Information

While a recycle of Jasper or SDM isn't necessary, it is recommended to ensure a fresh connection test is made with the JDBC driver.