Project Board View -- Positions of Cards don't stick
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Project Board View -- Positions of Cards don't stick


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We see an issue with the Project Board view where the Positions of Cards don't stick after refresh.


Release : 16.0.1

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


This is caused by a performance issue. When you first configure the Lookup for Board view, the position data is inserted into the database. In some rare scenarios we have seen that this call didn't complete and user refreshed the screen.

This results in incomplete position's data into the database, following which the changes don't work.


We were unable to reproduce this issue in 16.0.2 version as of now.

At this point we think an existing issue DE65480 might have caused the performance issue with the position data insert initially.

A viable workaround would be to create a new attribute with the same lookup and copy the lookup data from older attribute to the new one. Once the copy is complete you can set this new attribute in view options and wait for the position data to be inserted fine.