Delete a group of devices from OC based on origin via script
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Delete a group of devices from OC based on origin via script


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We need to remove all devices that are associated with a single origin and would like to do it via script.


Release : 20.4
Component : UIM - discovery_server


1. Create a Dynamic group with a Device filter by origin, and save
2. Select the new group in OC and click on the three dots to the far right and select edit columns to include cs_id, and select to save.

3. Once listed in the OC groups view, select the 3 dots again and then selected the Export option and Device Detail > OK (this will save as an Excel file)
4. Open the file with Excel and grab the list of cs_ids

Alternatively if access to the database is available, the following can be used to get the cs_ids:

join CM_DEVICE CD on cd.dev_id = cr.dev_id 
where origin like '%origin%'

5. Copy the cs_ids for devices to a text file and name it cs_ids.txt
6. Created the following batch file with the pu command and the discovery_server remove_master_devices_by_cs_ids callback.

Note: Replace <password> with your UIM's administrator password


SET PASSWORD=<password>

FOR /F "tokens=*" %%A in (cs_ids.txt) do (
pu.exe -u administrator -p %PASSWORD% discovery_server remove_master_devices_by_cs_ids %%A

6. Run the batch file with single cs_id in the cs_ids.txt file and confirm that device is deleted from the Operator Console Inventory
7. Run the batch with the full list

Additional Information

The pu command is generally run from the nimsoft/bin directory.

If you are running this from other than the primary and or the discovery_server is located on another robot, it will require the fill path in the pu command:

pu.exe -u administrator -p %PASSWORD% /<uim_domain>/<uim_hub>/<uim_robot>/discovery_server remove_master_devices_by_cs_ids %%A