Delay of 3 minutes before execution of Scalability Collect Job
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Delay of 3 minutes before execution of Scalability Collect Job


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There is delay of 3 minutes before starting of Scalability Server Collect Job

Example :

2022-07-28 10:08:16 Performing Job :<SSNAME> Collect
2022-07-28 10:11:38 Updated computer <COMPUTERNAME>

In TRC_<engine_name>.log on DOMAIN 

280722-10:08:16.5317851L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|amLogAndNotify |cAmoLog.h |000391|INFO | Performing Job :SSNAME1 Collect

280722-10:08:17.6340056L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiSession::sendMessageExec : 068e4dd8 TxMsg to a.b.c.d\U-SECTOR_SRV SR 30 TR 0 SI 13CC3E58 TI 0EC00009
280722-10:08:17.6340286L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiSession::sendMessageExec : Sent from <DMNAME>\CAI005068-10877
280722-10:08:17.6340501L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiSession::sendMessageExec : Payload size : original 76 comp/encr 96
280722-10:08:17.6344028L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|debug.cpp | |000000|INFO | CCASend Block MsgType SS send SS00000003TL01000000018TL07000000101553112032TC0800000018
280722-10:08:17.6344539L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|debug.cpp | |000000|INFO | isAlive for server =<SSNAME> after free
280722-10:08:17.6345002L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|debug.cpp | |000000|INFO | CCAReceive called with aliveTimeout = (80000)
280722-10:11:37.6384941L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|debug.cpp | |000000|ERROR | SmScan(200000,) failed with error 0x3300c
280722-10:11:37.6385688L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|debug.cpp | |000000|ERROR | ERROR:ReceiveMsg reason:208908
280722-10:11:37.6386127L|005068|000013d0|Engine1_Ni|cmEngine |cAmoSectorITRM::Open|000000|INFO | AMSectorServer <SSNAME> not alive Reconnect [0]

In TRC_AMRSS*.log on Scalability Server :

280722-10:08:17.6707759L|001704|000006c8|RSS |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiMsgHdr::fromMspiMessageHandle : populate new header with host=<a.b.c.d> from CAM we will then decide later if we should overwrite it with ENC IP
280722-10:08:17.6708043L|001704|000006c8|RSS |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiMsgHdr::fromMspiMessageHandle : Now Calling decodeHeader ...
280722-10:08:17.6709645L|001704|000006c8|RSS |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiMsgHdr::decodeHeader : hostname retrieved from incoming header is <DMNAME>
280722-10:08:17.6709907L|001704|000006c8|RSS |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiMsgHdr::useCAMAddress : did not manage to get the local ENC IP so use CAM
280722-10:08:17.6710143L|001704|000006c8|RSS |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiEndPoint::FindSessionObject : Session not found - 0EC00009
280722-10:08:17.6710475L|001704|000006c8|RSS |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|WARNING| SmiEndPoint::handleMspiMessage : Encr/Comp message had no matching session! Discarded. Target U-SECTOR_SRV SI 13cc3e58 TI ec00009 PayloadLen 96 TR 1e RR 0


Client Automation - Any Version.


caf has been restarted on the Scalability Server but not on DOMAIN Manager.
Engine is using a Session ID for communication with amrss plugin which does not exist anymore.
This is causing a communication error with a delay of 3 minutes.
Engine generates a new Session ID and the next execution of collect job has not this 3 minutes of delay


When caf is restarted on the scalability server, Engine executing its collect job could be also restarted to empty the cache storing the session ID.
Example :
If the scalability Server is rebooted every day at 7am, Engine could be restarted everyday at 7.15am
This could be done using a .bat script.
See attached file restart_engine.txt (to rename as restart_engine.bat)
In the script replace SystemEngine by the correct name for Engine to restart
This script generates a log C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\DSM\logs\restart_engine.log
-------------------------- START -------------------------- 
Tue 08/02/2022-15:54:38.81 - Start of script restart_engine.bat 
Tue 08/02/2022-15:54:38.84 - SystemEngine PID = 9020 
Tue 08/02/2022-15:54:38.84 - Stop SystemEngine
Tue 08/02/2022-15:54:39.28 - Wait 10 seconds (1/6) 
Tue 08/02/2022-15:54:49.15 - Process Stopped 
Tue 08/02/2022-15:54:49.15 - Start SystemEngine
Tue 08/02/2022-15:54:55.12 - SystemEngineNEW PID = 1816 
-------------------------- END -------------------------- 

This script could be scheduled using Windows Task Scheduler on Domain Manager


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