Approved Budget data updated via portlet
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Approved Budget data updated via portlet


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Approved Budget data is read-only on the project Financial Plans tab, however, it can be edited through a Cost plan Details object-based portlet

1. Take a financially enabled project
2. Go to Financial Plans
3. Create a Cost Plan and add some values
4. Submit the Cost Plan for approval
5. Go to the Budget Plans list and approve it
Note that once the budget plan is approved it can not be edited
6. Go to Administration > Studio > Portlets
7. Create a grid portlet based on the Cost Plan detail object
8. List Column section > Fields > Create a TSV field and add all available attributes
   Time scale month and show 6 periods
8. Place the portlet on the General menu on any tab
9. Filter by the project used for the budget plan
10. Two rows are returned: the Cost Plan and its details and the Budget Plan and its details
11. Check the TSV field created, edit the cells and save the changes.

Expected Results: Data for Approved Budget plans should be read-only
Actual Results: Approved Budget data can be modified and saved


This is caused by DE66189


This is fixed in 16.1.0