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Mainframe Topology - missing files /


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


We are currently configuring Mainframe Topology in our environment. The base product was installed followed by Maintenance as a part of which LU04683, LU05769 and LU06619 were applied to bring the software to latest level.

After creating the customized libraries, we are reviewing the installation JCLs. And as a part of section "Complete Configuration Tasks", Step 8-d, while verifying INSTJCL(TPLSPC) which marks all native libraries as program controlled, we found that CTPLJCL(TPLBPC) executes following commands: -


sh set -xe;                                       

export srcdir=&TPLUIPT;                           

extattr +p ${srcdir}/;    

extattr +p ${srcdir}/; 

extattr +p ${srcdir}/;   

extattr +p ${srcdir}/;

extattr +p ${srcdir}/;            


However, upon checking our installation USS ZFS, we found that two shared libraries namely, and are absent from our installation.


Release : 14.0

Component : TOPOLOGY


The 2 libzowe* files have been removed and replaced by the 2 libbcm* files. 

To be clear, these 2 files: 

Have been replaced by these 2 files: 

So you can just remove the 2 lines that refer to the libzowe files from this member CTPLJCL(TPLBPC) and run the job INSTJCL(TPLSPC).