Cannot pull any data from VNA utilising Viptela plugin
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Cannot pull any data from VNA utilising Viptela plugin


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CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


After configuring Viptela plugin on VNA server, two issues are encountered :

- Nothing is collected on CAPC for this.

- In spectrum, it seems to be stuck in the "Sync in Progress" status


DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance Release : 21.2


The reason why several devices failed to model in the environment is that the required IP address is not present under specified tags. Spectrum will give first priority to IP address that is coming as part of "outOfBandMgmtIpAddressSet". In the Inventory.json file, all the missing devices have "outOfBandMgmtIpAddressSet" set with an IP address of "".

For example, the following snippet from inventory.json file shows:

The above shows that the required IP address (  is coming in the IP AddressSet  and is coming in "outOfBandMgmtIpAddressSet". Hence to get all devices modelled correctly, you have to correct this from the device side by placing the required IP ( in the "outOfBandMgmtIpAddressSet" and then redo the integration (After disabling existing VNA and cleaning up things).

In release 21.2.8 or earlier, Spectrum will attempt to do reconciliation even when the interface IP address is like this. However, in the latest release (22.2.1), this is fixed. Reconcile with port address - will not happen in 22.2.1 and later as the logic has been changed in Spectrum to ensure it doesn't.

But even from the network side, it is expected that the Management IP should be in the OutOfBandManagment field and not in an IP Address list.

That's why this needs to changed on the device, as using "outOfBandMgmtIpAddressSet" in this way is actually incorrect, regardless of wether it's a default setting of the device.