ARD Hub 3.1.1 usage report for individual user details
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ARD Hub 3.1.1 usage report for individual user details


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CA Agile Requirements Designer


We need to generate an ARD hub usage report. The report needs to contain the username, login time, and relevant project name. 

Please provide instructions on this. 

ARD Hub: 3.1.1
DB: SQL 2012



Release :ARD Hub: 3.1.1
DB: SQL 2012

Component : ARD Hub: 3.1.1


Telemetry reporting in the current release of ARD Hub, version 3.2.5, only provides concurrent user reports and not individual user details. So upgrading to ARD Hub 3.2.5 would provide you with better usage reporting, but still not at the level you are wanting.

Engineering informed me that the upcoming release, ARD Hub 3.2.7, will include individual user detail usage and active login reporting. So this type of report will not be available until the release of ARD 3.2.7.


As a temporary workaround, Engineering has provided a copy of the SQL script, to help gather some of the information that you are looking for. Keep in mind, that if a user logged in, traversed different flows/projects, and did nothing, then their details would not be tracked. The developer said this is a simple script that provides the flow/project names. If you need a more detailed script, which contains the project-version-folder-flow, let me know, and I can ask that they make the script more detailed. Below is a screenshot of an example:

A copy of the "ard-usage-report.sql" script has been attached. 


1661354510752__ard-usage-report.sql get_app