Data Partitions with id=0 or id = U'00'
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Data Partitions with id=0 or id = U'00'


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There are existing data partitions whose constraint is either id=0 or id = U'00'.  What do these data partitions signify and why do they exist?


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Product:  CA Service Desk Manager


These are data partition constraints that are designed to prevent the given activity type from ever taking place, effectively locking out the user from the related access.


Data partitioning is designed to allow access (View/Update/Pre-Update, etc.) to a given object provided the given partition clause is met.  A simple way to think of it as "End user with this DP will be allowed to View/Update/Pre-Update, etc.) the given object (Call Request, Change Request, Issue, etc) provided that the given condition is met.  

One such example is an existing DP clause that exists on the Employee DP:  

Table:  Change_Request
Type:  Create
Condition:  id = 1

In the above, the end user with this data partition will be allowed to create a Change Request  as long as the Change_Request id value is "1".  But since this is an impossibility, that effectively locks out the end user from being able to create a Change Request