Export the default values from model types in Spectrum
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Export the default values from model types in Spectrum


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CA Spectrum


Our customer needs to export the NormalizedMFrag Model_type Attributes to prove that there where no changes done by anyone to the default values. But export of the Model_Type in Model_type Editor is not working due to the DeveloperID.

In general it is not possible to export default Model_Type Information and we got the suggestion to use the CLI command

 ./show attributes mth=0x1049c

At the first glance this looks like a valid workaround but what we discovered is that this command does not output the default values of the Attributes in the Model_type. For example in the MTE output it does show a column with the default values of the attributes:



Is there any further option to CLI that allows to output the default values of the attributes as well ? The requirement of one of our customers to get this default values documented precautionary is really important for him. 




Release : 21.2.x, 10.4.x

Component : SPCCSS  SpectroSERVER Core


How To: Request


Below are a few possible ways to accomplish this


1.  You can use Model Type Editor to pull the default values from all Model Types, however this can be an issue if you are on a Linux system that does not allow X11 forwarding.

2. On a clean and fresh install of Spectrum on a lab server you can do a model by type for a GnSNMPDev device without an ip address.  From CLI you can do a "show attributes mh= xxx" where xxx is the model handle of the model you want to know the default values for and this will show the default values.

3. There is a tool in $SPECROOT/SS-Tools called mtattrdefval and you can run this from $SPECROOT/SS with the SpectroSERVER SSdb stopped and this will provide the default values.


Usage: mtattrdefval <MT_NAME> <ATTR_NAME>


[spectrum@muntest000445 SS]$ ../SS-Tools/mtattrdefval NormalizedMFrag NRM_DeviceMemoryUtilization_Duration
[spectrum@muntest000445 SS]$ ../SS-Tools/mtattrdefval NormalizedMFrag NRM_DeviceMemoryUtilization_Reset
[spectrum@muntest000445 SS]$ ../SS-Tools/mtattrdefval NormalizedMFrag NRM_DeviceMemoryUtilization_Threshold