Natural Umbrella Name and Umbrella Type
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Natural Umbrella Name and Umbrella Type


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


The Software AG Natural Integration is explained here:


After this integration, in CTRANLOG the Umbrella and UmbType columns contain values for the NATN transaction. For example:




Jobname  Date     Time     Tran     Task# Program |Umbrella UmbType

CICSDS   12/07/22 10:47:01 NATN       112 NATRE    NAT12010 CICSTEST

CICSDS   12/07/22 10:47:05 NATN       113 NATRE    NAT12010 B140LCZB


The following information appears selecting one of these records in Ctranlog:


Umbrella Name   : NAT12010 

Umbrella Type   : CICSTEST 


What do these fields mean and what is the source for these fields?


Release : 16.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The GSVCNATX module makes various Monitor Exit Interface (MEI) calls to SYSVIEW to provide data about the Natural calls.  The MEI is documented here:

For umbrella name and type it makes call GSVCMEI SET_UMBRELLA_NAME during the 'Natural program start' event.  Umbrella name is the Natural program name from the field RDCGPGM.  Umbrella type is the Natural application name from the field RDCGCAPL.