TPX : Prevent a session from being activated
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TPX : Prevent a session from being activated


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TPX - Session Management


In TPX there may be a need to prevent users from accessing certain sessions by not only removing them from a Session list, but not allowing them to activate via a /A command.

How can this be accomplished in TPX?




Release : 5.4

Component : TPX for z/OS


 If a user or group of users should not have access to a session, this can be removed from:

- The users session list.

- Remove the session from the Profile(s) the user has access to. 

- Remove the application from the ACT (Application Characteristic Table) if the session/application is no longer needed.

- To prevent any user from activating a session via the /A command, the users Command Authorization Class should specify 'N' for the Activate fields

   in the Command Authorization Class Detail Panel.  This would affect users who are using a Command Class of 'D'.

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