Jaspersoft Data Refresh in SAAS environment
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Jaspersoft Data Refresh in SAAS environment


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Clarity PPM SaaS


What process can be used to refresh Jaspersoft data from one environment to another in a SAAS environment?


Release : 16.0.x


It is not recommended that Jaspersoft data would be refreshed from one environment to another, as a normal course of action and administration of the Reporting environment.

Instead the recommendation would be to perform manual exports to move the data from one system to another.

Information on the process for exporting and importing data from one Jaspersoft environment to another is located here:


Please be aware that, as per this document, it is not recommended to perform large exports from a Jaspersoft environment, as it could impact the overall performance of the applications:

The export can be large and might take a long time to generate and then download. During this time, the export operation can affect server performance. For this reason we do not recommend exporting large amounts of data.

Individual folders should be exported to reduce the impact.

The recommended best practice for maintaining a Reporting environment would be to develop reports in pre-prod environments, and then export those reports into production environments. This ensures that the reports are fully developed and tested before moving to a Production platform.