Gathering SQL Profiler Trace Dumps for SEE Management Server
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Gathering SQL Profiler Trace Dumps for SEE Management Server


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This article will help you get some SQL Profiler Traces to get some additional information for Symantec Encryption Support.


First, you'll need the SQL Profiler, which should come with the SQL Management Studio.  If you do not have this installed, you'll want to download.

Once installed, open it up:


When you create the Trace, you'll be asked to connect to the SQL server and instance, go ahead and connect (In this example, "Example\SQLEXPRESS"):

Next, give your profiler a name.  In this example, we'll call it "TraceForSEEMS" and the database for this is "example\SQLEXPRESS":

Next, click the Event Selection tab.   Uncheck all the options except for the two on the bottom for TSQL:

Now click "Run" and once you do, cause the same issue to occur.  For example, if you're having an issue trying to delete the Active Directory entry in the SEEMS Configuration Manager, attempt to delete the entry again and once completed, wait for another minute or so and then click File, Save As, and you will have the option to save as "Trace File", and then save this for Encryption Support.  

Upload the file to the support case you are working for further analysis. 


For additional information on this, review the MSFT documentation.